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Put any arithmetic expression using C/R/D/T (cumulative confirmed/recovered/death/tested), Cc (currently confirmed), dC/dR/dD/dT/dCc (newly confirmed/recovered/death/tested cases/currently confirmed derivation), ddC/ddR/ddD/ddT/ddCc (second derivation), P (population), or D_PAST (daily average total deaths 2010 – 2017) while %=10^2, k=10^3, M=10^6 and X starts from 0. Note that `tested` are available for Czechia only.
Ex: R/(C+R+D): Total recovered ratio. dR+dD: Newly closed cases. P/C: Every n-th person is confirmed. C/P: Nth part of the population is confirmed. C%/P: Nth-percent of the population is confirmed. CM/P: N people is confirmed in every million of citizens. ln(X), log(X, base=10), X^2: Guideline examples.

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Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE and (data updated once a day)

Disclaimer: The chart is based only on cases of infection confirmed by testing. Due to the varying amounts of testing done in different countries, real numbers of cases may be very different.